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Window Cleaner

Window Cleaning

Window Brilliance: Crystal-Clear Views with United Maids Alberta's Window Cleaning!

Tired of peering through smudged windows? United Maids Alberta's Window Cleaning brings back the sparkle, revealing crystal-clear views and letting natural light flood your space.

What is Window Cleaning?

We use professional techniques and equipment to clean both the inside and outside of your windows, leaving them streak-free and sparkling clean.


Here's what you can expect:

Expert reach: We safely clean even the highest windows, ensuring no spot is missed.
Streak-free shine: We use specialized solutions and squeegees to leave your windows spotless and gleaming.
Frame finesse: We clean window frames and tracks, removing dirt and grime for a polished finish.
Improved curb appeal: Sparkling windows enhance the beauty of your home or business.

Why Choose Window Cleaning?

Enhanced natural light: Clean windows let in more natural light, brightening your space and improving mood.
Increased property value: Clean windows impress potential buyers and command higher rental rates.
Improved curb appeal: Sparkling windows make a great first impression.
Reduced allergens: Regular cleaning removes dust and pollen buildup, which can trigger allergies.

Window Cleaning is perfect for:

Spring cleaning: Breathe new life into your space with a seasonal window cleaning.
Pre-event prep: Impress guests with crystal-clear views of your surroundings.
Move-in/out cleaning: Ensure a fresh start in your new place or leave a positive impression on your previous residence.
Post-construction cleaning: Remove dust, debris, and paint splatters from your windows

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