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bathroom cleaning, edmonton

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Bliss: Sparkling Sanitation with United Maids Alberta's Bathroom Cleaning!

Is your bathroom in need of a refresh? Let United Maids Alberta's Bathroom Cleaning transform your space into a sparkling oasis of hygiene and comfort.

What is Bathroom Cleaning?

We go beyond surface-level cleaning, providing a deep and thorough clean of all your bathroom elements.


Here's what you can expect:

Shower & tub sparkle: Eliminate soap scum, mildew, and hard water stains, leaving your shower and tub gleaming clean and sanitized.
Toilet transformation: We meticulously clean and disinfect toilets for optimal hygiene and freshness.
Sink scrub: We remove grime and buildup from sinks and countertops, leaving them sparkling clean and germ-free.
Mirror magic: We buff away fingerprints and water spots, revealing crystal-clear reflections.
Floor finesse: We mop and disinfect bathroom floors, removing dirt and preventing mold growth.

Why Choose Bathroom Cleaning?

Improved hygiene: Regular cleaning prevents the spread of germs and bacteria, creating a healthier environment.
Reduced stress: Relax and unwind in a clean and sanitized bathroom.
Enhanced property value: Clean bathrooms impress potential buyers and command higher rental rates.
Fresher air: We eliminate odors and ensure your bathroom smells clean and inviting.

Bathroom Cleaning is perfect for:

Regular maintenance: Keep your bathroom hygienically clean with weekly or bi-weekly cleanings.
Pre-event prep: Impress guests with a spotlessly clean bathroom.
Move-in/out cleaning: Ensure a hygienic start in your new place or leave a positive impression on your previous residence.
Deep cleaning: Give your bathroom a thorough refresh and remove stubborn grime. ‍

Ready to experience the Bathroom Cleaning difference?

Book your free consultation today! Discuss your needs and get a personalized quote.
Explore our website to learn more about our services and cleaning process.
Read glowing testimonials from satisfied customers! See what others are saying about our reliable cleaning and exceptional service.
Don't settle for a grimy bathroom. Choose United Maids Alberta and let us bring back the bliss!

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