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post-construction cleaning in Edmonton

Post Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction Perfection: United Maids Alberta's Masterful Post-Construction Cleaning!

Construction may be complete, but the job isn't finished until the dust settles (literally!). United Maids Alberta's Post-Construction Cleaning tackles the aftermath of construction, transforming your space from dusty chaos to pristine and ready for living.

What is Post-Construction Cleaning?

It's more than just a basic sweep. We provide a comprehensive cleaning, meticulously removing construction debris, dust, and grime to deliver a sparkling clean and healthy environment. Here's what you can expect:

Dust demolition: We remove dust from every nook and cranny, including ceilings, walls, light fixtures, and even inside cabinets and vents.
Debris disposal: We haul away construction waste, leaving your space clutter-free and organized. ️
Floor finesse: We tackle all types of flooring, removing dust, paint splatters, and adhesive residue, leaving them spotless. 
Window brilliance: We clean both the inside and outside of windows, ensuring crystal-clear views and natural light. 
Appliance attention: We clean the inside and outside of major appliances, removing dust and debris for optimal functionality. ️
Sanitizing touch: We disinfect all surfaces, creating a clean and healthy environment free of lingering dust and allergens.

Why Choose Post-Construction Cleaning?

Faster move-in: Enjoy your new space sooner without spending days cleaning yourself. ‍♀️
Healthier environment: Eliminate dust and allergens for a safer and more comfortable space.
Stress-free transition: Focus on settling in, not cleaning, during this busy time.
Increased property value: Impress potential buyers (or tenants) with a sparkling clean space.
Reduced future cleaning: A thorough initial cleaning prevents dust buildup and simplifies future maintenance.

Post-Construction Cleaning is perfect for:

New homes: Move in to a spotless and welcoming space ready for your memories.
Renovated homes: Enjoy the revamped beauty of your home without the cleaning hassle.
Commercial spaces: Open your doors to clients and employees with a professional and pristine environment.
Post-renovation rentals: Attract tenants with a clean and inviting rental space.

Ready to experience the Post-Construction Cleaning difference?

Book your free consultation today! Discuss your specific needs and get a personalized quote.
Explore our website to learn more about our services and cleaning process.

Don't let post-construction dust linger. Choose United Maids Alberta and reclaim your space, clean and ready for life!

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